Astrological Healing

Astrological Healing

To know yourself as you truly are is a HEALING experience,

To live life as yourself on your path is true liberation!

I am eager to share my passion for the accuracy of Astrology, the “Science of Light”.

To create an environment that is a confidential and safe sharing space of: non-judgmental, bias-free, energy of grounded acceptance and abundant healing.  As I want you to feel free to confidently share your experiences, feelings and desires, assured that no details are ever shared without prior permissions!

My aim is to create an environment to discuss your feelings about experiences from the past and direct our energies toward increasing happiness and understanding of your future. From there we can walk together on your path with a better acceptance of what hurdles you may face and how to address them. Know that all experiences are opportunities to learn, heal or grow.

​I am most interested in personal empowerment through understanding of what was, is, and what could be. We will be talking about concrete events and happenings in either the past or future.  We will talk about your reactions and 'how you will feel' about occurrences in your life.  Find out how to better manage your perspective on these experiences and techniques, tools, and remedies to help make the future less stressful and more in control.  

Adjusting your perceptive can be difficult but the burden can be eased with the correct knowledge and tools. Doing so while staying grounded in "what is real", (not changeable) in your life, is another goal I intend to convey to most clientele.  If they are 'ready' to hear the truth.  Some are not 'ready' and that's perfectly fine in the greater context of life; each is on their own path.  It's not all pre-destined and we do have a considerable amount of 'wiggle room' to alter our destines.  However this requires changing our patterns of habits which could be the most difficult work some have ever undertaken.  Over and again I can demonstrate the patterns of "fate" in your life, which forms the very patterns which are read by an Astrologer.  Take great solace in knowing that YOU CAN and SHOULD make changes in your life; that there are certainly things we can do within the fated framework to affect great change!

Sessions are typically recorded for your reference, but you are welcome to decline this option. If you are currently unable to afford a session, and are in need, I am amenable to waive all fees and to provide any service necessary for you.  No one will be turned away from healing due to lack of ability to pay!  I'm a firm believer in being of service to others and sincerely wish to help all I can. That said, the website and the lights need to be paid and remember that I can read in your chart if you can truly afford the services!

About Sessions

Your life path is unique and the events that occur are meant to occur. That said there is room for free-will and improvements can be made to your life. It’s as simple as recognizing the habits we have that lead us to ruin and to change these destructive behaviors into positive ones. Then we work on improving the good habits we already have to make life really work in our favor.

In the All In One Life Reading we will discover how certain life paths are meant to encounter certain kinds of resistances in order to for that individual to grow upon their chosen life path. The difference and degree in which this change occurs is up to the individual and is in accordance with the ‘life-path’ set at birth. This predetermined life path, with few exceptions, will be followed and is the basis upon which Astrology works. Astrology is an examination of the cycles of patterns in events as they transpire in the known universe. As part of the service to the client we use the “time/space coordinates” of your birth event to ‘dial in’ to the portion of the larger “tapestry of life” that corresponds to your life-path.

As it is I can pull up the birth chart for any person if I have accurate birth information. Yes the birth time is vitally important as even a minute’s difference is a large amount of change in the finer “divisional charts” of the main birth chart. There are a number of great techniques that are not calculated with the birth time and can safely be used on any chart. The birth time allows for truly amazing and accurate techniques to be used to show incredible details about the person and those in people in their close family. Luckily most modern births are rarely more than 5 minutes off of accurate and even if the birth time is not readily available or is uncertain there are a number of “chart rectification” techniques that can be employed to properly fix the time of any chart. It does save me about an hour or so of effort when you provide the birth time which greatly speeds up the process!

What Is Possible




There are many types of people in the world and Astrology can help the vast majority of people to understand themselves and their place in the world.  As a result a wide variety of 'specialist' healing modalities have emerged and more will surely be developed soon.  I consider myself just such a specialist, one who deals best with clients that are more 'spiritually minded'.  Clients that are of a 'higher mindset' than the norm or who aspire to such.

I also enjoy assisting those that are young or are the parents of young ones as we can look ahead and see what kind of person they will develop into; what trials and what success they will experience.  

The majority of my clients have been in their ‘mid of life’ and these types of readings can be both a 'life review' as well as a 'look forward' to what will be the overall level of successes of life and in which areas.  

In short:  Young or Old, Male or Female, Astrology can help!


  • Life Counseling 

  • Spiritual Counseling 

  • Counseling the Dying / Those that Remain

  • Discovering Your Authentic Self 

  • relationship capacity  

  • relationship compatibility 

  • Likely years when relationships could occur

I've read over 200 charts to date and always enjoy reading to determine the 'Spiritual Path' of a person; being able to see the proper path allows for one to step with more assurance and confidence that you are indeed on your correct path.  There are so many paths, including the one you were born into, which one is 'right' for you:  Path of Devotion?  Path of Surrender?  Path of Effort?  Path of Knowledge?  Other?  None?  Which is the right path for you?  Lets look and see!  

"Birthday" readings are (almost) always super fun to see what the 'flavor' of the upcoming year will be.  As we can check in on any year of your life and see if things are going to be easier to get ahead or if there will be opposition to overcome thus slowing 'forward' progress.  



Obstacles are set in front of goals, like the clouds blocking the Sun. I want to point your attention back to the sun, shining behind the clouds, and walk with you towards your true life path!


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

All of life is a series of choices, and always has been, about recognizing the best path for you. Together we will view your past and your future to see ‘how you feel’ about life-events and if the outcome will be enjoyed by you.

Kris Grant