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30 years ago a 16 year old received the keys to a great mystery, perhaps the greatest mystery possible. A mystery so secret that it’s very existence is disputed in many circles while others endlessly debate about the portions of the self-same Mystery. Man know thyself is the inscription written both above and below for we, each and every one is they Mystery in motion. To know oneself is The Great Work that was hinted at 3 decades ago at least it’s my portion of the Mystery to unravel. Reading into my own chart it’s obvious that the rocky road of my life was intended for this purpose and that it’s time for me to start following one particular path from amongst the dozens trod. Which of course meant that I choose two paths one being a form of Budhism and the other being a ‘Tropical-Vedic’ style of Astrology.

This quite intelligent man taught a young person ripe for the knowledge by showing and sharing his passion for the esoteric, the occult, and the hidden paths of knowledge. Over the course of about 5 years he gave me a number of large books to read and an even larger number of paths, teachings, and studies to undertake on my own. One of these was astrology, although I admit that at the time it seemed a herculan task to keep track of all of the details and I set that aside always meaning to pick it up later. In the intervening 30 years I’ve matured a lot and have continued to keep the study of the esoteric somehow simmering on the back-burner ever and constantly during the busy “family years”. Following on the heels of a devastating divorce I found myself with a lot of time and questions. During this time astrology suddenly reappeared back in my life. With the advent of finding my birth time just
prior to my 40th birthday I was now able to make a concerted study of my birth-chart. It was at that most low and desperate time that I found solace and understanding in Astrology. Albiet at the time I was learning from the ‘internet guru’ and my education was a bit happenstance until 3 years ago I started following Ernst Wilhelm’s interesting and somewhat unique premises on how to calculate the birth chart and bold promises of solid predictions in the 80% range!

After many years of study and introspection I now know that the “Great Work” involves in no small part ‘Knowing Oneself’; for which Astrology is an indispensable tool, perhaps irreplaceable, tool of self-discovery. Certainly it has been so in my case as I’m focused most heavily on the ‘psychological’ ‘counseling’ side of astrology first and foremost. Certainly this is only sometimes the focus of clients and thus I’ve added a great many tools and techniques for seeing many specific facets of a person including predictive methodologies.

Astrology, specifically Joytish, the so called ‘Hindu’ or Vedic astrology, has been termed the “science of light”. I certainly agree with this view point and also see Astrology as the ‘science’ of patterns, vibrations and energies. All creatures are driven by patterns of behavior. All ‘things’ in the universe, seen and unseen operate according to set patterns of behavior due to complex interpenetrating relationships with all other ‘things’ in the universe. I’d like to think that we are coming close to rediscovering the truth of the universe as we once knew it. Astrology has its roots so deeply embedded into history that it may well go back to the first humans. All we can claim with assurance is approximately 3,000 years old however an older version may still be unearthed as the Babylonian tablets translations have astrological techniques on some of them, including a thorough understanding
of eclipse cycles!

“As Above So Below,” along with “Man is the measure of the Universe” gives the clues that our lives are truly written large in the stars above. It only takes a careful study of eclipses to see that large scale changes have occurred on or around many eclipse events; to see that the fate of nations and the people comprising are greatly influenced by the forces that also move the stars above!

We are creatures of patterns; patterns which are literally written in the stars above you at the time of birth. Reading this pattern of planets and the interrelationships they form provides a ‘story’ that will most likely be an “eerie facsimile” of your life. Provided that the birth time is known or rectified then the true magic of astrology works not 40% of the time but upwards of 80% of the time.

A bit after my 40th birthday I went on a 10-day Vipassana silent retreat which was during a transit of Venus and the Sun in Leo and represented a major shift in my life path. This was a return of the same energy as the “Summer of Love” in 1969 and shortly after the retreat I meet my wife! It was also around this time during my mahadasha lord Saturn’s transit of my natal Ketu I determined to myself that I would become an astrologer as my main occupation. Spurned by several levels of initial success I continued the earnest study of my own chart to this day. When I first began to study my chart made little sense and with the free sources of information merely confusing me further as no one seemed to be speaking the same language! There seemed to be a lot of disagreement including on how to calculate the chart itself leave aside the techniques of interpenetrating the chart! Despite the challenges I kept going with what I knew ‘worked’ in my chart and kept testing new techniques to see if they also worked on my chart. Eventually I found Ernst Wilhelm, an excellent astrologer and researcher who tested each of hundreds of techniques more thoroughly then any other person that I know. I’ve studied a few lives of astrologers and it’s quite possible that Ernst Wilhelm will be one of the great ‘names’ written large in history.

I’ve devoted over 500 hours of class study time and thousands more hours pondering the concepts that now make a lot of sense. Best of all the techniques were working, both in my chart and those around me but also with friends and other people’s charts that I read. To date I estimate that I’ve read over 300 charts at various stages of my study in the past 3 years. I wish I knew then what I know now as I would have saved time and utilized better techniques perhaps however great work and greater healing was accomplished.

Following in the footsteps of my worthy teacher I’ve progressed at a dizzying pace in the past 3 years and I now have a firm grasp on the subject matter which takes a lifetime to master. I only can claim to know a small portion of Astrology which I continue to add to with continued classes and continued testing of techniques. Reproducible results are the goal and the promise of true Astrology!


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