Glossary Of Terms Used

glossary of terms used!

An astrologer reads the symbols in a chart utilizing a symbolic language to explain the effects and feelings one experiences in reality. Each planet, where it's located, which planets it's with, what it sees, and which planets influence in return all make an effect on the chart and therefore the person. These are what make up the difference between you and another even if born in the same hour! The difference a few minutes makes is astounding in this profound and accurate study of reality and is why astrologers ask for your birth-time.


Along with providing you with the basic orientation of who, what, how, and where you are in time and space the astrologer will proceed to provide the necessary advice to shift your behaviors and attitudes to provide for a life of greater ease and development. A life that supports your greater vision, that supports you, to be your best self!


In order to explain the multiple levels and varied complexity of a human being it will take some effort to unravel the layers of physical, emotional, mental, and energetic forces which shape our lives and behaviors. As you may have noticed, reality is complex and while individual concepts are simple the varied complexity of simple things can take some effort to explain. Please take some time to review the concepts below as it will make your understanding of the concepts shared during the session much more meaningful. As a recording will be privately made available to you it's not necessary to take notes during the session. In fact I recommend you relax and allow yourself the space to focus and listen deeply. Later you can take any notes you like from the audio recording as it's meant for you to listen to later and absorb more deeply the concepts shared.


Individually we are affected by the total combination of a variety of factors, including the planets, houses, and signs. These influences shape our individual behaviors which in turn shapes our collective society at large. Large societal shifts can be easily seen and tracked through the series of solar eclipses that occur twice each year in 18 year intervals of 1300 year repeating cycles! By looking at a variety of factors and taking the various flavors, indicators, and significators and blending them into a cohesive picture that will quite closely approximate and mirror your life in symbolic language. By combining all of the energetic signatures talented Astrologers are able to tell stories and relate patterns of behavior that will eerily align with how you think, act, and feel.

The following lists represent a few keywords to assist you in understanding the symbolic language of Astrology. There are perhaps innumerable ways to describe each of these and we will use these and other meanings that apply during each session. While it's not important to memorize this list, nor will there be a pop-quiz, the more you understand the language that will be used is the greater your understanding becomes!


Sun (Su) - Identity:
A cruel planet that indicates the separation necessary to find oneself

​Moon (Mo) - emotional:
Provides growth due to what is strong in one’s consciousness.

Mars (Ma) - power:
A cruel planet that causes frustration due to the attachment to one’s mental concepts of how something should, or should not be.

​Mercury (Me) - Knowledge:
Manifests due to one’s skills and intelligence.

​Jupiter (Ju) - Spiritual:
Gives grace and wisdom that results in having the good rather than the bad.

Venus (Ve) - Relationship:
Gives the ability to accurately access the worth of anything and thus make balanced choices in a world of consequence.

​Saturn (Sa) - Psychology/ Separation:
Indicates the consciousness of separation from Spirit, and the resulting lack, unhappiness and psychological complexes.

PLANETS aka Graha


Indicates a 'falseness' and separation due to lack of development in the past and the need to create balance in areas of weakness. Rahu is similar to Saturn and gives similar effects but is not a planet but an intersection point between the 'disc' of the Sun and the 'disc' of the Moon which is only seen during an eclipse. Rahu indicates the area of our life where we are least capable and most in need of development which will be a marked feature in life. aka North Node of the Moon


Obstacles Indicates completion and a type of 'uprightness' with the planets and things it effects are given a certain need to be completed, and are then removed as having served their purpose. There are also indications of strong attachments to one’s mental concepts that the native is in the process of becoming freed from. Ketu is similar to Mars but is not a planet but an intersection point between the 'disc' of the Sun and the 'disc' of the Moon which is only seen during an eclipse. aka South Node of the Moon.

HOUSES aka Bhava ..


1st Bhava - aka Ascendant aka Rising Sign
Inner Meaning: Self-Esteem
-- The look and well being of the body; ability to understand information

​2nd Bhava - Wealth house
Inner Meaning: Self-Worth -Things we hold onto, things we possess;
-- Responsibilities that take care of us in return Wealth,friends, family, pets, subordinates, mortgage, etc

​3rd Bhava - Difficult house
Inner Meaning: Secure in communication.
--One's own will, energy, and efforts -experimental knowledge from trials and testing; our opinions

4th Bhava - Comfort house
Inner Meaning: Happiness and emotional fulfillment.
-- Vehicles of all kinds, relatives, mother, happiness, deposits, land and house.

5th Bhava - Child House
Inner Meaning: Ability to express true self – self-confidence.
-- Creativity, knowledge, children and fall from "royalty" (lose of position)

​6th Bhava - Difficult House
Inner Meaning: Ability to remain untouched by ills – self-purity.
--Debts, Disease, Maternal uncle, enemies, wounds, and also the step-mother/ adopted mother Considered a bad placement it's rather the house of improvement in things as getting a business or home loan could be 'good' debt depending on factors. (Productive debt or debt which sucks you dry; a good loving step mother or an evil step mother could occur.) The 6th house appears to give the wounds and enemies however it really gives us the ability to cope with such.

7th Bhava Wife House
Inner Meaning: Feeling appreciated and capacity for sharing.
--Wife, distant journey, trade, lost sight and death of one’s own body

8th Bhava Split/Cavity/Flaw
House Inner Meaning: Emotional security.
-- Longevity, battle, cheats, impassable situations/strongholds, wealth of the dead and house of occult sciences; making predictions; the fate of the soul. Weaknesses that cause issue later in life - character flaws, psychological weaknesses, physical weakness eg. a cavity in a tooth

9th Bhava Fortune
House Inner Meaning: Self-knowledge.
-- Fortune and luck in life, wife’s brother, religious law (the right thing to do), brother’s wife, pilgrimages life/ longevity of the Father

10th Bhava - Sky House
Inner Meaning: Capacity for responsibility.
-- Empire (from a shop to a organization to a country), space, occupation/career; level of success in, respect, father, absence from home and obligation (things we are responsible for)

11th Bhava - Gains House
Inner Meaning: Self-acceptance on account of love received.
-- Acquisition of various objects of luxury and desire, son’s wife, income and wealth we gain from our career, increase/advancement and domesticated animals are looked at from

12th Bhava Loss/Expense House
Inner Meaning: Capacity to let go and surrender
-- Loss/expense which are expenses are worthwhile costs which have a lot of return; losses mean giving something out and getting little in return, losing an object on the first day purchased, etc. Also seen here is the result of the enemy’s actions and the final heartfelt request/ desire is either fulfilled or denied which indicates the level of satisfaction or frustration at the time of death. Which is the difference between dying peacefully or being anxious about unfinished business!

SIGNS aka Rasi

Development of and through small frustrating things, or thieves, stealing, cheats, etc. and cleansing

Development of and through material resources and resourcefulness.

Development of and through skin problems, allergens, problems with physical weight, mental stagnation, mental irritation and restlessness and intellectual insecurities.

Development of and through foreign lands, fears, frigidity, cold limbs, toxic blood and self image.

Development of and through wild beasts and staying in one’s own place both internally (self esteem) and externally.

Development of and through Gemini’s problems (skin problems, allergens, problems with physical weight, mental stagnation, mental irritation and restlessness, intellectual insecurities) and fire, digestive fire and frustrations and temper.

Development of and through business and sales and through feeling appreciated.

Development of and through negative astral and energetic forces, emotional fears, danger from water, transformation and spiritual anchoring, and emotional security.

Development of and through falling and accidents and from career setbacks.

Development of and through dangerous water animals, airborne threats, happiness in one’s community, itches, emotional irritation, making peace with one’s liabilities and healing joint problems and tumors.

Development of and through humanitarian projects and spreading goodwill and through beaches and islands.

Development of and through spirituality, surrender and bringing out one’s inherent best.