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Service Description

At any age for any person it's important to know which activities, skills, and talents will bring meaning to their life.  While it's true that many Astrologers consider finding the career possibilities for another person to be a "tough nut to crack." It's also true that many have not studied Jaimnini, with fewer still have correctly cracked the code used to conceal it's precious gems.  Included in the Jaimini 'school' of astrology there is an easy, accurate, and reliable method for seeing not only the career possibilities but also when these careers would be occurring in the lifetime of a person.  This has become my most popular technique as it can show hidden talents and career opportunities that were not seen before, or at least not followed, as many already have more than an idea of what career they want and destiny has a way of making things 'happen' over time.  With this technique one can see the career choices for any age meaning this is a great reading for a younger person as it can prevent many costly mistakes and missed opportunities.