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Service Description

This is the right choice if you are uncertain which service is right for you. Astrology is an extraordinarily nuanced and complex specialization that looks into a multitude of areas of human behaviors and conditions. This option allows for the most chance of growth as the most necessary areas will be brought to light during the "Deva Prasna"; simply translated as "consultation with the gods" and is the traditional name for an 'astrology reading'. In general terms you go to see an Astrologer in order to hear the message God/ the gods want you to hear to best take care of your life and path. This is a 'general reading' which will have a free-flowing nature as I pivot between different areas of your life providing fascinating insight into your career, life path, spirituality, if you will be famous/wealthy and many other areas of life. Also we will point out your 'less strong' areas by providing counsel and remedies where possible. We will also look at the 'special times' of life in respect to your current age giving both a retrospective and a look ahead at how 'contented' and how 'supported' you will be on your life path for any given age! If time allows we will also look at the "good and bad habits" that are affecting your life with new habits to replace them with! It's quite possible to make changes to your life by making small daily changes. Certain changes of perspective and behaviors can lead to a great deal of relief and increased energy for things you would rather be doing! Follow up sessions can be scheduled to dive even deeper into each and all of the subject matters! The more you know the more you learn to accept, love and heal yourself!