REMEDIES & COUNSELING (Multiple Session)

  • 1 hour
  • 50 US dollars
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Service Description

Depending on the particulars of your situation there are a number of solutions, bandages, and fixes that can be applied if you have one or more ‘issues’ in your chart. Having planets that are low functioning or wiped out completely will certainly have a marked effect on your life in some peculiar ways. Having a low functioning Mercury will lead to communication issues of various sorts including feeling like you need to talk more in order to feel like you are heard. Persons with a low functioning Venus will often enough find themselves in unequal relationships where they give and give but don’t receive much in return. These are two commonly seen examples for which there are remedies that help to mitigate the lack that is shown in the birth chart. ​ Using the insight granted from intuition and from reading the chart I have an incredible insight into which areas of life are needing to be focused upon for many clients. Speaking as a hollow bone I channel the necessary guidance where and when needed for those of an ear to listen. I’ll provide all that I can during the reading and offer ongoing support through one-on-one interactions utilizing the one of the video sharing platforms.