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Service Description

Each planet makes a return, it takes some longer than others. The Moon is by far the fastest with Jupiter and then Saturn as the slowest movers with12.5 years for a Jupiter return and 28.5 years for Saturn to make his way around the Sun once! Every time the Sun returns a new chapter, a focus change occurs in life; with every Jupiter returns it's a big deal with greater and more possibilities being added to your life. Saturn returns are also a time of new things, except that the gifts of Saturn is in the form of becoming an adult and learning how to deal with the tough parts of life. Truly if necessary for your growth Saturn will remove things from your life in a slow fashion those things that don't serve us. ​On the first return Saturn confronts you with a question or situation for which there is no 'good' response. Faced with the choice that must be made by you, how do you resolve between bad choice A and worse choice B? It's the nature of your response that will make or break your life for the next 28.5 years! (ominous music) If you made up your mind in an adult manner then yeah it still sucks but you manage to get through life and will be a success on your way to 60. If you shirk, or shrink, or otherwise act not as an adult then this sets you up for a theme of such for the next 28.5 years. Wherein you will sabotage your good chances with your not so great habits and otherwise childish tendencies. Saturn wants you to grow up and face the cold hard facts of life with sober headed ‘adultness’ so that you can successfully face the world when it's not nice. All of the planets are here to teach us and to provide for us much as a good parent. Saturn is that hard taciturn parent that won't spare the rod in the belief that makes you stronger and which it does when Saturn is the headmaster. When will your Saturn return happen? We can determine the date! Thus you can prepare yourself for success in the upcoming decades of life!