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Service Description

If you are more interested in how to better handle you next Shani Sadi Sati (the 7.5 years ‘time of trials’ for Saturn) then please setup this reading. Obviously if you are interested in such then you have some background understanding of Astrology from the Indian perspective. This is my main course of astrological study and I’m very aware of Sadi Sati and can give great advice on handling such and what to expect when Saturn is starved by the Moon. This is not the only time that this occurs as Saturn makes his way around the sky and I also know when the ‘golden’ times are when the opposite effect occurs and life is feeling supportive again. ​ Further I can provide great insight if you are facing a Rahu dasa. This is the most feared and dreaded period but it does not always have to be so! I will be able to determine in advance if your Rahu dasa will be a terror or a triumph! There are also remedies that can be applied to make this 18 year length of time easier!