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Service Description

Birthdays represent the return of the Sun to the same ‘place’ it was when you were born, a Solar return in this case. The return of any planet is a big event and the return of the Sun was used by the ancient Persians to perform legendarily accurate readings. Luckily for us the technique of Varshaphala was preserved in India and has become one of my favorite and go to techniques as it’s the most accurate and revealing technique to pinpoint a particular year of events. I prefer to start looking here for big events such a marriage and then cross-confirm with up to 4 techniques the exact nature and day of a ‘significant’ event!!! ​ Utilizing this technique we can see a read out of the major theme or “house” of the year. Further we can see how supported or opposed this event will be including the relative strength of the event and the time frame of when that event occurs. Most importantly you can know which of the 12 specific year types ‘themes’ you will have coming up and we will look at the preceding year as well. This will allow you to ‘confirm’ the results of the previous year and get ready for the upcoming year theme. Note that we can narrow the year focus on any year of your life upon request! Note: There are other methods that can be utilized to narrow down the date further (down to the exact date) however they take considerably longer to calculate and interpret the results. Please allow for some time if this is requested and an additional $75. The date result and interpretation will be emailed to you within 72 hours after receipt of payment.