Astrology Readings

All readings are recorded for your benefit. Privacy is important and all recordings will be kept
strictly private and never utilized except if written permission is given by the client. I expect to provide
an overwhelming amount of information thus the mp3 recording will provide you the chance to listen
closely or take notes at your pace and convenience. Recordings are always your choice!





Birthdays represent the return of the Sun to the same ‘place’ it was when you were born, a Solar return in this case. The return of any planet is a big event and the return of the Sun was used by the ancient Persians to perform legendarily accurate readings. Luckily for us the technique of Varshaphala was preserved in India and has become one of my favorite and go to techniques as it’s the most accurate and revealing technique to pinpoint a particular year of events. I prefer to start looking here for big events such a marriage and then cross-confirm with up to 4 techniques the exact nature and day of a ‘significant’ event!!!

Utilizing this technique we can see a read out of the major theme or “house” of the year. Further we can see how supported or opposed this event will be including the relative strength of the event and the time frame of when that event occurs.

Most importantly you can know which of the 12 specific year types ‘themes’ you will have coming up and we will look at the preceding year as well. This will allow you to ‘confirm’ the results of the previous year and get ready for the upcoming year theme. Note that we can narrow the year focus on any year of your life upon request!

Note: There are other methods that can be utilized to narrow down the date further (down to the exact date) however they take considerably longer to calculate and interpret the results. Please allow for some time if this is requested and an additional $75. The date result and interpretation will be emailed to you within 72 hours after receipt of payment.





At my current level of expertise I can offer answers to any yes or no type of questions. As my education increases I’ll soon edit this post however if you can write your question in manner that is specific and has a greater possible answer responses.

Given the above constraint I can answer any question on any topic by reading the omens of the moment and the using the Prasna technique. Prasna is the Indian version of what is also referred to as Mundane or Horary astrology.

Regardless of the name it’s the technique of the ‘hour’ that will be utilized to give clarity to your questions regarding:

  • Relationship questions - (You may also be interested in our Relationship Compatibility reading!)←-needs to be cross linked to this service please Akhtar.

  • Business deals - Investments

  • Health questions

  • Career choice – (You may also be interested in our Service of Career and Capacity reading) ←- needs to be cross linked to this service please Akhtar.





For this reading I’ll pull out a number of techniques depending on your indicated interests. I typically utilize a base of 15 techniques that I consider essential for understanding where you are on your life path. From these I pick out salient bits that would be useful to know from an ‘owner’s perspective’. It’s a bit like a car salesman telling you the features of a car, except you aren’t a car and I’m not reading a printed fact sheet!

I enjoy sharing a person’s Spiritual Path and how they can achieve Spiritual Growth the quickest. Haven’t you wanted to know which path you should be pursuing? What area of life that you need to tackle before you are carried off into the next life? We’ll point out the path and explore some of the details during the reading.

Career Path and Career Capacity reading: Would you like to know which careers and which hobbies will provide meaning and satisfaction for you? Are you interested in finding out how dedicated and determined and capable you are of succeeding?

Relationship Capacity reading: find out how ready you are for love and perhaps be surprised at how much (or little!) work you need to do to attract a worthy partner. (Using additional techniques we can determine when this will occur!)





Depending on the particulars of your situation there are a number of solutions, bandages, and fixes that can be applied if you have one or more ‘issues’ in your chart. Having planets that are low functioning or wiped out completely will certainly have a marked effect on your life in some peculiar ways. Having a low functioning Mercury will lead to communication issues of various sorts including feeling like you need to talk more in order to feel like you are heard. Persons with a low functioning Venus will often enough find themselves in unequal relationships where they give and give but don’t receive much in return. These are two commonly seen examples for which there are remedies that help to mitigate the lack that is shown in the birth chart.

Using the insight granted from intuition and from reading the chart I have an incredible insight into which areas of life are needing to be focused upon for many clients. Speaking as a hollow bone I channel the necessary guidance where and when needed for those of an ear to listen. I’ll provide all that I can during the reading and offer ongoing support through one-on-one interactions utilizing the one of the video sharing platforms.




RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY (Requires birth time of both)


There is no match for a Compatibility method that takes into account 18 different facets and matches them in numerical value how strongly the couple is matched across 10 different areas of life. These 10 categories are the core and backbone of a solid relationship and we’ll demonstrate on screen how well or not the two charts are matched.


This is not limited to partnerships and marriage! Any relationship including business, children, parents, etc can be matched in this fashion. This technique is truly wonderful for parents wanting to know more about their relationship with their children, especially to learn why it isn’t working and what areas to focus upon to make it work better. Really great for young parents who don’t yet know their child’s personality! (See also our Character Analysis service for a reading your child’s future self).

Although it might be a bit awkward to ask your dentist for his birthdate and time of birth it will be greatly insightful to see if you will have a good experience with them or with your upcoming business venture!





For This type of reading is focused on reading the character of an individual. This is not birth time dependent and can give a lot of insight into the character of a person. I liken this to the insight gained by having known a person as a friend for 10 years as the true character traits of the person are revealed. Can be used in dating situations where you want assurance that the person is the type of person you want to be in relationship with. Also could be used to vet potential employees with bonus technique added to see if they are hard working and dedicated or not!





Either as a stand alone service or as a requirement for another more advanced technique requiring accurate birth time information. Knowing the birth time is accurate enables an astrologer to confidently make predictions. Some techniques are entirely dependent upon the houses which is determined by the birth time which denotes the Ascendant (Asc) also known as the “1st house”, “rising sign” and “Lagna”.





Each planet makes a return, it takes some longer than others. The Moon is by far the fastest with Jupiter and then Saturn as the slowest movers with12.5 years for a Jupiter return and 28.5 years for Saturn to make his way around the Sun once! Every time the Sun returns a new chapter, a focus change occurs in life; with every Jupiter returns it's a big deal with greater and more possibilities being added to your life. Saturn returns are also a time of new things, except that the gifts of Saturn is in the form of becoming an adult and learning how to deal with the tough parts of life. Truly if necessary for your growth Saturn will remove things from your life in a slow fashion those things that don't serve us.

On the first return Saturn confronts you with a question or situation for which there is no 'good' response. Faced with the choice that must be made by you, how do you resolve between bad choice A and worse choice B? It's the nature of your response that will make or break your life for the next 28.5 years! (ominous music) If you made up your mind in an adult manner then yeah it still sucks but you manage to get through life and will be a success on your way to 60. If you shirk, or shrink, or otherwise act not as an adult then this sets you up for a theme of such for the next 28.5 years. Wherein you will sabotage your good chances with your not so great habits and otherwise childish tendencies.

Saturn wants you to grow up and face the cold hard facts of life with sober headed ‘adultness’ so that you can successfully face the world when it's not nice. All of the planets are here to teach us and to provide for us much as a good parent. Saturn is that hard taciturn parent that won't spare the rod in the belief that makes you stronger and which it does when Saturn is the headmaster.

When will your Saturn return happen? We can determine the date! Thus you can prepare yourself for success in the upcoming decades of life!





If you are more interested in how to better handle you next Shani Sadi Sati (the 7.5 years ‘time of trials’ for Saturn) then please setup this reading. Obviously if you are interested in such then you have some background understanding of Astrology from the Indian perspective. This is my main course of
astrological study and I’m very aware of Sadi Sati and can give great advice on handling such and what to expect when Saturn is starved by the Moon. This is not the only time that this occurs as Saturn makes his way around the sky and I also know when the ‘golden’ times are when the opposite effect occurs and life is feeling supportive again.

Further I can provide great insight if you are facing a Rahu dasa. This is the most feared and dreaded period but it does not always have to be so! I will be able to determine in advance if your Rahu dasa will be a terror or a triumph! There are also remedies that can be applied to make this 18 year length of
time easier!





Using up to 5 techniques I’ll be able to pinpoint the best day(s) to marry. In India there are 3 factors that can determine an auspicious marriage: When the couple meets for the first time. When the couple gets married. When the couple has intercourse for the first time. If all three of these events are set on the right days then the marriage is much more likely to be happy and meaningful. If on the other hand the couple has intercourse it invalidates the effect of the marriage time as things are already set in place as they have already ‘met’ and had intercourse. I provide this warning ahead of time to prevent disappointment for this important timing event for those whose relationship has ‘progressed’.

If the date for the marriage still needs to be set I can determine the best day that will be most supported for an auspicious marriage!

$175 per question with up to 5 dates examined or the single best date is determined given a date range. If none are found in the range a suggested range can be determined for an additional $75 and will be arranged via email links.



Thank you! =D Anyone may send any amount they can and feel is appropriate.